Whether boosting a good friend’s spirits, revealing a crush, or sharing affection for a current Valentine, PA Upper School Student Council has a long standing tradition of celebrating February 14. Given the long President’s Day weekend with an extra day off last Friday, February 12, the Great Room was abuzz a few days earlier than usual with talk of potential crushes as members of the Student Council passed out Crush cans, cupcakes, and roses.  

So how exactly does this work? A student must go to the Atrium to find a Student Council Member leading up to Valentine’s Day. Then, the person who wants to get someone a gift must fill out their form, deciding who will receive the gift, if they would like to be anonymous, and what they would like to send, be it a Crush can, cupcake, a rose, or all of the above! All that’s left is to anxiously wait until February 11th, when the Student Council member will hand deliver the gift. 

Student Council member Will Wehmen ’21 delivers Valentine gifts to Grace Wikenheiser ’21 last Thursday during lunch. PAW photo courtesy of Emma Wohlwend ’21.

Valentines tradition has been going on for so long there isn’t really anything to plan. But the Student Council is putting in the effort to make the purchase cash free. A lot of students would have participated but didn’t have cash so making the switch would help a lot for some students.

“As student council president I want to make student life more fun,” said AJ Hedberg ’21. Students enjoy the sentiment and find it uplifting to receive a gift.

Teachers also appreciate the sentiment.

”I think it’s a sweet tradition,” said Mr. Ian Skemp, Upper School History teacher and Student Council faculty advisor. 

Student Council president AJ Hedberg ’21 prepares to hand out flowers and Crush cans Thursday, February 11. PAW photo courtesy of Emma Wohlwend ’21.

Though the tradition has been here for a while, not everything is perfect. If a gift is delivered to the wrong recipient–which doesn’t happen often–Student Council has extras on hand to remedy the situation. What if your valentine has an allergy? Not a problem! Student Council will do the work for you and make sure hypoallergenic alternatives are available. Next year the Student Council is working to make purchasing these holiday treats cash free and possibly add new flavors of soda as well.

“It’s so uplifting to see the student council working so hard to make school life more fun,” Mr. Skemp shared.

The holiday is a great way to give a gift to the ones you care for. Many students look forward to the opportunity to show appreciation during the school day to people they love. The emphasis on giving to others makes Valentines Day one of the more memorable days of the year at PA.