This year has brought a lot of “I am bored”s. Because of this, students and teachers at PA have had to come up with new, interesting, and fun things to do with their extra free time at home right now. 

Peyton Menzel ’22 poses for a picture on his boat during the summer.

“I have been bored quite a lot lately, but I have used some of my free time to work out,” said Peyton Menzel ‘22. “I go almost every day and it not only gives me something to do, but it also gives me a chance to unwind from the school day.” 

Menzel says that he would be going on a vacation over the past few breaks, but it is not going to work due to the circumstances right now. He has also been going shopping, taking drives, and was going out on his boat when it was warm outside.

Amelia Hilberg ’22 and her brother Henry Hilberg watch a TV show to fill the time.

“When I’m not doing my homework I really enjoy practicing my clarinet, watching TV shows with my brothers, and talking to friends on the phone that I cannot see right now,” remarked  Amelia Hilberg ’22.

The past few months have given everyone a chance to rethink their free time and find new activities to replace those that have been canceled.  Hilberg said that she would have been keeping herself busy with clubs like Cooking Club and Jazz Band, but they are not up and running quite yet. These canceled activities have had positive outcomes though, instead of going to Cooking Club, Hilberg now bakes a lot at home and plays her own jazz music by herself instead of playing it in Jazz Band.

Mrs. Claypool and her family pose for a picture at a State Park despite the cancellation of activities.


“This time has given us more family time so that we can try out new recipes and spend more time cooking together,” glowed Mrs. Teresa Claypool, the Middle School Dean and English Teacher.


Claypool and her family usually enjoy going out to Friday night dinner and playing fall volleyball, but these activities have been put on hold for now. On the positive side, she rediscovered her love of golfing this summer after many years, went biking in State Parks with her family, and got to read some books that have been on her list for a while.

This time is hard for everyone. It is hard to find activities to keep busy right now but hopefully, this “busts some of the boredom.” The most important thing we have to remember is that “it will not be like this forever,” as Hilberg says.