Each year students around the world dread back to school season. Summer is dead, and for high school students it feels as if their social lives have gone with it. For the upper school students of Providence Academy, this is not the case! Summer has given way to the best season of them all: football season. 

Kate Allerheiligen ’21, Kylie Onserio ’22, and Christy Hoang ’21 pop out in pink.

Once again, Lions football fans fill the stands on Friday nights to cheer on the blue and gold. Students come together each week to celebrate what they refer to as #FNL, or Friday Night Lights, but fellow fans and even opponents may wonder:  why are they wearing pink?

In the spring of last year, the student body elected Liv Klassen ‘20 to fill the Spirit Chair.  Her enthusiasm for PA athletics is in part responsible for the student turnout on game night, and the odd attire. Klassen’s efforts have paid off, as the student section has made a strong showing.

Together with PA administration, Klassen ‘20 plans the themes for home football games. She explains, “The goal is to choose an original theme that unites the student section in support of our Lions”. This year’s themes to date include: Hawaiian (9/6), Red White and Blue (9/13), and Tackle Cancer (9/20). 

Adam Huser ’20, George Wehmann ’20, and Aaron Kim ’20 show their PA pride in red, white, and blue.

The student section is easy to spot even before they are in sight; the constant cheers make them unmistakable. This is a chance to get rowdy with your school, something the senior class is really going to miss next year. Aaron Kim ‘20 is a perfect example of a senior making the most of his last football season. His energy is unmatched. When asked how he maintains this excitement, Kim answers, “I just like yelling”. It’s as simple as that! Enthusiasm like this heightens school spirit on and off the field, fueling the team and spectators alike. 

Members of the football team love to take the field with the backing of PA student fans cheering them on. Football captain, Jacob Halek ‘20, describes the positive impact, “We can feel the support. It’s great to see all kinds of students participating in the game”. This display of school spirit–especially in unique attire–unites the student section and ultimately the school.