“Welcome back!” It’s a common expression ringing through the halls at the beginning of a new school year, but for Upper School English teacher Ms. Isabel Brown, those words are packed with meaning. Brown rejoined the Providence community this year, but this time as a teacher instead of a student. 

Since Brown has graduated from PA in 2012, she has studied in Rome and had her first teaching job at Chesterton Academy in Hopkins. “It was definitely different, returning to PA, but it has been amazing so far,” exclaimed Brown. “I also love the fact that I get to focus on one subject and not have to focus on eight different subjects like the students do.”  

Brown teaches a section of eleventh grade American Literature and a section of tenth grade British Literature. “I am super excited for class time and seeing the students discuss the different books that we are reading this year in class,” said Brown. 

Gretta Martin ’22 reacts to having a PA alum as a teacher. “It is cool to think that Ms. Brown was going to the same school that I was when I was young.”

Martin ’22 reads O’ Pioneers before Ms. Brown’s American Literature class.

“I love to teach,” glowed Brown. “I believe English is a discipline that every student should be able to learn. I also really enjoy teaching Upper School students because their minds are at the right stage to be able to critically think about the material we are discussing.”

Ever since she was a student at PA Brown has always admired the school’s mission, always wanting to get behind it and now she can.