Thanksgiving,  a time to appreciate all one has been given, is usually spent with friends and family. It provides an opportunity to take a break, enjoy time with others, and most importantly, recognize the good things in life. At Providence Academy, high school math teacher Ms. Erika Greene noted that this year she is thankful “for being invited into the PA community, for feeling at home here”. Everyone has something or someone to be thankful for, and Thanksgiving serves as a reminder of this. On the other hand, there is another essential part of the holiday – food.

Its safe to say that  having massive and extravagant meals on this day is a national tradition. At PA, unsurprisingly the food

Maddy Young 20′ and Paige Meadows 22′ shared their favorite Thanksgiving food together.

is what students are most looking forward to. From turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans to all sorts of pies, the high school students at PA most certainly have strong opinions on what they would consider the best Thanksgiving foods.

In the Upper School, 80 students agreed that bread and butter are their favorite holiday food.  71 students voted mashed potatoes as the best. John Wooden 20’ insists, “mashed potatoes are the best because they’re basically mashed french fries, and who doesn’t like french fries?”. With regard to desserts, 50 students agreed that pumpkin pie was the best.  Apple pie came in a close second, with 42 students lauding its best attributes. Francesca Benson ‘20 stands firmly in the latter camp, saying “its delicious, and it’s the best ending to any meal. You can’t go wrong with apple pie”.

With so many food options and traditions, the grub  is often what brings families together every year. “Preparing the meal is so much fun, but the best part is enjoying all the food with my family and friends” remarks Mimi Meadows 20’. All this talk of turkey and trimmings probably has you ready to go enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving dish, bon appetit!