Who we are and where we’re going is shaped by where we’re from. Students at Providence Academy have the chance to explore their passions and grow in their faith, while preparing for the world ahead. Support for such an opportunity comes in many forms, but most recently at the annual Gala.

Parent volunteers and PA staff organize an evening of food and fellowship with generously donated items to support the school, its staff, and students.  From golf course gift certificates, autographed sports memorabilia, portrait studios, and more, the silent auction hall is packed with items up for bid.   Amidst the live auction, attendees also contributed to scholarships for future PA students.

Pictured above, our live auctioneers for the evening, the O’Sullivans.

There was more to the Gala than bidding, however. It was also a fun night out for parents and staff members. Donna Azarian, a PA parent, said, “My fellow PA Mom, Courtney Daniel refers to the Gala as the “Mom Prom”!  It is a fun night to get dressed up, have a lovely dinner, be amongst wonderful and dear friends and celebrate Providence Academy!”.

Part of the fun is the Gala theme. Past themes have been: Super Bowl, the Roaring 20s, and Celebrating the Arts. This year, the theme was the 80’s. Jillian Twaddle, 2019 Gala chairperson stated,  “When you think of the 80’s you cannot help but smile, and think of fun, music, and togetherness. Much is similar in the feeling many have within the walls of Providence; we feel a sense of togetherness, radiating love and faith.”

The Gala began with Mass at 4:30, celebrated by Bishop Cozzens. After Mass, guests were served appetizers and participated in the silent auction in the Performing Arts Center and the Middle School Cloister. During this time, the PAC and Cloister hummed to the sound of 80’s tunes played by the Upper School Orchestra, guests greeting each other and chatting excitedly, and the click of glasses. The silent auction ended promptly at 6:45, and the attendees were led to the Great Room, which was decorated in neon lights and cassette tape centerpieces. A delicious dinner was served at 7, created by our brilliant Chef Morris.

As the evening began, the Reopelles and Schillings smile for a photo in the PAC.

Following dinner, there was a keynote alumni speaker, and a senior slideshow. Donna Azarian said, “I always cry when the Senior Slide Show is presented at the Gala. They are tears of sadness that the students will be moving on outside of Providence Academy, and tears of happiness knowing that these young adults will be going out into the world with the knowledge and love of Christ in their hearts and minds.”

This year’s Gala was a huge success, made apparent by the laughter and excited chatter present at the event. Also, the Gala exceeded financial expectations. Jillian Twaddle said “To watch families plant the financial seeds for growth, as well as to see the passion each holds for a school like no other, was evident that we truly have something special here at Providence.”