Christmas is in the air! Christmas music plays on the radio and in every store, Christmas commercials are shown on TV constantly, and the soft twinkle of Christmas lights accompanies people on their daily commute. The Christmas spirit has also come to Providence through the second annual Holiday Boutique.

The Holiday Boutique takes place at the Statue of Mary, selling everything from baked goods to ornaments to dishtowels. All of the items on sale are donated by PA families and all money is donated to our school, a win-win. Lisa Prom, one of the directors, commented on this creative solution to holiday gift shopping, saying “Donating helps families re-purpose and recycle gently used items that they don’t want anymore, which in turn helps us generate money for Providence.”

A mother and daughter look at the jewelry on display at the Boutique.

This event offered a great opportunity for families to buy Christmas gifts. There was an excited buzz as students and parents perused the tables for the perfect Christmas gift. Colleen Newman ‘20, a volunteer at the event, said “Everyone was having fun and there was a great, lively atmosphere.” The Boutique also had a wrapping station where people could go to get the items they bought wrapped and instantly ready to put under the tree!

Lisa Prom sells baked goods to families and students.

The hassle of shopping for Christmas gifts can sometimes deaden the Christmas spirit, turning what should be an occasion for joy and generosity into a stressful and tiring chore.  This week’s on site opportunity to do some Christmas shopping highlighted the generosity of our families and brightened spirits in the halls of PA. 

Like Christmas itself, Helena Peppin ‘20, reflected, “bringing everyone together like this creates an atmosphere of giving and unity.”  Students from every grade, parents, and teachers gathered together to shop for Christmas gifts, decorations, or tasty treats. Lisa Prom said, “The Holiday Boutique brought the community together to celebrate the feast of St. Nicolas and encourage enthusiasm for Christmas.”