What does Thanksgiving mean to you? To many of us, this word brings images of turkey, family, and Charlie Brown movies to mind.  But many throughout Providence Academy have their own unique idea of this traditional American holiday. From hosting a family dinner to going on vacation, the Providence community has a variety of Thanksgiving traditions. What do students do during this famous holiday?

The PAW’s Upper School Thanksgiving survey results

To find out in more detail what exactly Thanksgiving means to Providence Academy students, the PAW sent out a survey to the entire Upper school asking about their Thanksgiving plans and whether their family has any special Thanksgiving traditions.

According to survey results, travel is not a widespread custom. Of the 32% who said they did travel for Thanksgiving break, most stated that they only traveled a few miles to visit their family. In fact, most who traveled reported that they visited their cabin or the home of a family member.

Jack Lindberg ’22, one of the few students who did travel far over break, stated, “I went out to Arizona to visit colleges and spend my Thanksgiving with my grandparents”. 

A 68% majority of Upper School students stayed home for the holiday, but this does not mean they were bored.  Many had some very interesting traditions. 

One stand-out custom is Emma Kelly’s ’22 who organized a Turkey Trot (5k run) for her family and friends.

“Every year my family and friends usually run in the Minneapolis Turkey Trot, but this year it was sadly canceled. I love the early morning run on Thanksgiving with my friends and family, so instead of missing one year of this fun tradition, I decided to organize my own Turkey Trot on the Luce Line in Plymouth,” explained Kelly. 

Long-standing family traditions are another great thing about this American holiday. These traditions that are passed down from generation to generation can be a fundamental part of what Thanksgiving means to a family. 

Senior Jack Lindberg ’22 and his brother Cole UTV-ing in Arizona during their Thanksgiving trip

“Every year for Thanksgiving, my family does this competition for whoever can find the wishbone gets a certain amount of money. We have been doing this tradition since before I was born.” Ellie Millerbernd ’22 reflects on her long-standing family tradition. 

Whether hosting, traveling, or anything in between,  each family’s own special traditions and plans make their Thanksgiving unique.