With a new school year, comes new teachers. The PA community is welcoming Mrs. Mundahl, the new FACS and Foods and Nutrition teacher. 

Mundahl first discovered Providence during its founding days, driving past PA during the building’s construction. She became interested in teaching at the school while searching for job opportunities. She was the Middle School after-school care proctor last year, and is continuing that role this school year.

Mundahl started teaching FACS classes because they encompass skills that are important for adulthood, such as personal finance, child development, and family relationships.  Mundahl noted that the PA FACS curriculum, which includes Middle School FACS and Upper School Foods and Nutrition,  focuses on foods and food sciences.

Mrs. Mundahl teaching her Foods and Nutrition 1 class about cookies that they recently baked.

Mundahl teaches three classes at Providence- Middle School FACS, and Upper School Foods and Nutrition 1 and 2. FACS is a class open to seventh and grade students. Mundahl likes teaching the FACS course because it encompasses a variety of skill-building activities. She reflected, “From two sewing projects to cooking with their friends, the students can use and taste their accomplishments!” Mundahl also remarked on the Upper School students she teaches, “The Upper School students are so willing to try new foods and the variety of recipes they make.”

Baked goods, including cookies, that the Foods and Nutrition 1 Class made.

Mundahl has taught middle and high school family and consumer science classes in public school districts across Central Minnesota. Providence Academy is the first private school that she’s taught at. Mundahl reflected, “My impression of  private schools is very different after teaching here.” She elaborated, “PA is very peaceful and students are very attentive and committed to their studies.”

Mundahl mentioned that she’s most excited to get to know her students this year. She also noted that she’s newer to the Catholic faith, “I’m looking forward to teaching in a place where I can learn more about my faith.” From baking to faith life, Mundahl is finding a new home in the PA community.