This year has been full of changes for everyone, especially for Mr. Brian Cosgriff, the new gym teacher at Providence Academy, who left the district that he had been part of for over 30 years. Cosgriff, known by many as “Coach Cos”, was part of the Hopkins School District, teaching physical education at the elementary school and coaching the girls’ basketball team, leading the team to numerous successful seasons and state winnings. Cosgriff reflected, “Leaving the Hopkins District was a difficult decision, but I always stand by the fact that if you are entering a new chapter you must be done reading the first one.”

Coach Cos in action as he instructs the Upper School Phy Ed class in a competitive game on the turf.

Cosgriff is ready for his new position as the PA gym teacher and all the challenges that come with it. He wants gym class to be a fun environment and something that kids look forward to. School-age children have always been part of Cosgriff’s life. He shared, “I enjoy the relationships that are grown. I want fitness to be something students do for their whole life, as it is so important to remain healthy.”

Coach Cos came to PA to scout a basketball game, which sparked his interest in the school. He immediately felt that the community created within PA is something very special, and something he wanted to be a part of. Cosgriff added, “I have already noticed the respect that students have towards their teachers. They say thank you and are appreciative, which stands out to me because that is not something that is easy to come by in many schools.” Welcome to the PA community, Coach Cos!