Do you or your student find themselves bored during the summer? As the school year ends, summer fun begins – even on campus. Providence Academy offers a wide range of summer programs; from academics, to athletics, to arts, there are camps for all ages and interests.

In lower school, children can attend one week camps, or even a full summer camp through PALs camp. PALs camp is an all day summer program that lasts until early August. Students in grades 2-5 have the chance to take part in a different activity every week. For example, the Martha Burns Swim Camp, allows students to take swim lessons at the Martha Burns Swim School in Medina. In addition to the weekly activity focus, every Friday there is a special field trip! PA also offers one week programs for students who can’t commit to a full summer-long program. For example, Survivor Island is a popular week-long camp in which students in grades 3-7 work collaboratively with their teammates to design engineering projects that will help them survive on an “abandoned island” and enable them to escape.

Nina von Dohlen ‘23 exercises her creative talents during an arts and crafts camp.

A popular middle school week-long program is Achieving in Middle School (AIM), led by Mrs. Theresa Claypool, middle school Dean of Students. AIM helps prepare students for middle school while laying a foundation for success.  Claypool said, “I would encourage students to join because the camp helps alleviate any anxiety students may feel about starting 6th grade.” In addition to building friendships with classmates, she continued, “They feel better just after walking through a schedule and learning how to open their locks.” A new camp this year is the hand lettering camp, taught by Mrs. Mary Anne von Dohlen, a PA parent. During this camp, students learn how to create beautiful calligraphy simply by using Crayola markers!


Mrs. von Dohlen teaches students during a previous summer camp.



High schoolers also have opportunities to participate in Providence’s summer programs. The Oak Savanna Research Project, led by Dr. Boldt, is a chance to do science research during the summer. Students travel to the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve in order to learn about the oak savanna, an ecosystem that is home to a wide variety of unique plants and animals. Students work in teams to study the aspects of the savanna ecosystem, collect data, and design research projects.

Another new camp to look forward to this year is called “Kindling the Fire Within,” taught by Mrs. Jendro. In this program, students read and discuss Fr. Tomas Dubay’s book The Fire Within, a modern explanation of the teaching on prayer from the Gospels. They will also learn about saints Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. Mrs. Jendro says she created this camp because “At PA I encounter so many students who want to grow in the spiritual life, would like spiritual direction, or struggle with common problems that can be greatly helped with some insights from Scripture and the saints.”

Even though school is not in session, Providence still provides many opportunities spiritual and intellectual growth, framed by out of the ordinary activities and discussions. Students of all ages can participate in musical, science, and sports camps. For more information and to register click this link: