It’s the holiday season once again, and as a result, Providence Academy Upper Schoolers put on their annual House Thanksgiving Feast. PA likes to focus on traditions that go back to our roots, and Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s celebrated by our ancestors. Even though most celebrate at home, the tradition is carried on at school as well, and coming together with different groups of people provides a way for students to bond.  

The House Thanksgiving Feast, a tradition put on by junior and senior House leaders, creates the perfect opportunity to socialize with new friends and to add something special to the week before students celebrate with their own families. During the House feast, each House is given the time to bond with members of their brother or sister house, and indulge in a variety of food. Some students bring pie, some bring candy, and there may even be a turkey! 

“The Thanksgiving Feast is all about getting together with our sister houses. This year we had some great food and great conversations,” reflected house leader Louis Wehmann, ‘24.  

Penbrooke Wiederholt, ’26, Fiona Foster, ’25, Ellie Gagerman, ’25, Mary Smyth, ’24, Lucy Fesenmaier, ’25, and Hope Counts, ’25, enjoy snacks at the House Feast.

Opening the door to a new group lets students chat with people whom they may not have met before. The mix of boys’ and girls’ houses added buzz to the hour. 

“This is my first Feast here and I’m a big fan, because there’s good food and good entertainment,” expressed Elizabeth Hughes, ‘26. 

This tradition is always a hit with the students and teachers. The teachers love to see the students interact and work together to provide a variety of foods. 

“When we do activities with the boys’ houses it’s so much fun for the kids because many of them are friends with each other. It’s nice to see how easily everyone gets along.”

“It was so fun that everyone wanted to hang out with everyone. A bunch of kids brought stuff, so we had a lot of options,” mentioned house leader Bree Ongoro, ‘23.

The House Thanksgiving Feast is a fan favorite among students and faculty alike. Everyone loves an excuse to eat food and have fun with new people!