Written By: Tess Klammer and Tierney Dennison


It’s that time of year again, when love is in the air at Providence Academy, so on February 13, Upper School students and school faculty received Valentines from friends. Since Ash Wednesday was on the 14th, the House Council decided to pass the Valentines out a day early, which still allowed students and faculty to enjoy the festivities.

As usual, the sale gave students the option to buy a rose, a can of Crush, or a cookie to be delivered to the person of their choice. These Valentines were given to the recipient signed with the buyer’s name, or if the buyer paid an extra dollar, the gift remained anonymous. This anonymity allowed for a bit of mystery this Valentine’s Day, with speculation of who bought whom what.

“It gave people the confidence to give someone a Valentine without fear of embarrassment,” said Gabby Hankel, ‘24.

House Council Members, Ali Herlofsky, ’24, and Kiernan Albertini, ’24, sold Valentines in the Atrium before school. PAW Photo Credit: Tess Klammer

The sale went on for two days, starting on Thursday and ending on Friday. House Council members, Sandra Alb, ‘24, and Jackson Day, ‘24, handled the first day of sales, but because this sale did not happen last year, Thursday’s sales did not go as planned. 

“On the first day, we couldn’t find the change for the sale!” Sandra Alb, ‘24, remembered, “Also, at first, no one was showing up.” Her luck changed quickly after an announcement over the speaker that encouraged students to head up to the atrium and buy Valentines.

While the official set up for the sale was before and after school, that didn’t stop students from coming up to student House Council members all day, looking to buy more items.

After not having the sale for a year, members of the House Council were not expecting the magnitude of sales and they were thrilled at the positive student response.  As for what the money goes to, the House Council hasn’t decided yet.

“Right now we are between charity, prom or maybe that karaoke machine Mr. Skemp is always talking about,” Kiernan Albertini, ‘24, said laughing.

The sale is not just for students, however. A couple members of the PA faculty bought Valentines for one another. This is a great way for faculty members to show their appreciation for each other and set an example for their students on cherishing friendships.

“One of life’s great joys is sending a surprise to a friend when they least expect it,” Middle School teacher Mrs. Pfiffner commented. “I love this tradition! I hope that enough students enjoy this tradition to continue it in some way.” Mrs. Pfiffner also mentioned that she would love to see chocolate roses for sale next year.

Jaclyn Mader, ’24, excited to receive a can of crush from an anonymous friend. PAW Photo Credit: Tess Klammer

Receiving a Valentine can make anyone’s day. It is a small act that can truly change one’s attitude for the better. A lot of students look forward to spreading love to their friends and brightening their days.

“I got a cookie and a rose from Joe Spades, a rose from Annabel Worner, and a cookie from Ali Herlofsky,” Lucy Fesenmaier, ‘25, remarked. “It made me very happy because it’s such a simple act but also very cute. I really like this tradition.” She also commented that she was disappointed that the sale did not happen last year and that she would definitely want it again in the future.

Valentine’s Day is something that millions of people celebrate every year throughout the world with Providence Academy adding their own spin on things. Having this sale is important to the student body and the faculty, so that they can show their appreciation towards one another.