It has finally arrived – the time teachers, parents and especially the students have been looking forward to. It is spring break.  From sitting on a beach to reading a good book there are tons of things to do.   However, it is not simply relaxing on the beach and hanging out with friends over the break.  The break marks a new stage in the college search for both seniors and juniors.

Only a month away from selecting a school, this is a crucial time for undecided seniors who face a lot of mounting pressure to not only get accepted to schools, but also declare which school they’ll attend this fall.  While some have chosen their perspective school, there are still plenty still waiting to hear back from schools or still weighing the options available.

Sam Ferreira ‘19, who recently decided to attend the University of Minnesota stated “I am actually really relieved to finally have decided on a college, I can  just focus on having fun over spring break and come back refreshed going into my final quarter at PA”.

A page well known by PA seniors, soon to become a familiar sight to juniors preparing for college applications and decisions.

Meanwhile, Logan Desmet ‘19, who has narrowed down his search to just a few schools, admitted “I wish I knew exactly where I was going to go right now so I wouldn’t have to think about it during spring break, but I’m not too worried about it.”

Naviance can help juniors who are looking ahead think through which colleges might be a good fit.

It is not just seniors who have to worry about colleges though.  While college may seem ages away for juniors, spring break actually serves as a sort of bridge to commence college searches.  Juniors are beginning to have college counseling meetings, and spring break can be the perfect time to check out a school or two for juniors who are just becoming serious in their college search.  Among those already thinking about which school is Jacob Halek ‘20 who said, “I think spring break is going to be the time I begin to really look seriously at some colleges.”

Even if you are on the beach this spring break you can still go on Naviance to check in on some schools.  Just make sure you enjoy and relax during this spring break, but maybe looking at some college information or checking out a college could be beneficial.