It is that time of year again! From February 1st – 5th, Providence celebrates Catholic Schools Week, a week of fun activities, no assessments, and a chance to celebrate being a Catholic School. Throughout the years, there have been many traditions such as dressing up, donuts and juice in the atrium, and the classic boys Powder-Puff Volleyball game, and it is no different this year. Upper School students are looking forward to this annual celebration as a break from the stress of 2020, as well as a sign that things are finally returning back to normal.

“The thing I am most excited about the upcoming Catholic Schools Week is not having any tests and being able to dress out of uniform,” glows Sophia Menzel ‘22. “I also always enjoy showing my school spirit and watching the different games throughout the week.”

The Upper School gets hyped as the they await the fun Catholic Schools Week activities and games planned for the day back in 2019.

Catholic Schools Week is known for its out of uniform days and is always the students favorite part. Monday kicks off the week of celebration with class color day, with freshman rocking the color red, sophomores working the color white, juniors boasting the color blue, and finally, seniors prevailing in the color pink. Tuesday and Thursday (depending on when the students are assigned to go to mass) will be Hawaiian theme day. Wednesday will be Vikings versus Packers day. Finally, on Friday students will have a full out of uniform day where they can dress country or country club like, something the students are really looking forward to. 

The students are not only excited about the out of uniform days, they are also excited about the daily games. This year, the daily games will consist of Huge Tetris on Monday, Kahoot during white period on Tuesday, (for freshmen and sophomores) sled racing on Wednesday during white period, Juniors versus Seniors Powder Puff Volleyball game on Thursday during white period for Juniors and Senior to attend, and the week concludes with a spike ball tournament after school on Friday. 

Justin Kim ’20 gets ready to serve in the Boys Powder Puff Volleyball Game where the Seniors beat the Juniors in 2019.

Despite all these beloved traditions coming back, not all things will be the same this year.  Sadly..there will be no Saturday Winter Ball this year due to CDC guidelines about COVID-19. 

“This year’s Catholic Schools Week has to look slightly different due to social distancing, but we did our best to plan fun activities and hope that it is a success,” states Henry Wehmann ‘22, the Upper School Student Council’s Treasurer. 

Although there will be minor changes to the week, the school is still abuzz with excitement and anticipation.  Everyone from the student body to the staff is looking forward to the week as a familiar celebration and a stress relief. 

“I really hope students have been looking forward to this week because it will be a nice break for everyone,” mentions Mrs. Kelly Harrington, Director of the Upper School. “The Student Council has worked very hard to plan this and I think everyone will enjoy it.”