As has become a custom this time of year, over the course of two days, the Providence Academy community welcomed 675 guests for the annual celebration of Grandparents and Special Persons’ Day. Every school year, the festivities create a one of a kind experience for guests and students alike. This special event fell on October 3rd and 4th this year, allowing for many memories to be made before Homecoming Week. 

Students in Mr. Dudley’s third-grade class spend time with their grandparents.

Throughout Thursday and Friday of last week, guests of Providence students were able to get a glimpse into what life is like at PA. All grade levels took part in this occasion through activities ranging from interactive language classes in the lower school to theology sessions in the upper levels. To provide a detailed, specific look into what academics are like at Providence, guests attended a class session with their student.

Madame Woodbury leads a French class for guests of Mr. Dudley’s third-grade students.

Nicole Sanford, the guest of Olivia Eck ‘22, remarked, “I attended the art class session and really enjoyed it”. Sanford continued,  “It’s fun getting to listen to a short presentation, see some student artwork, and then have time to make something ourselves.” Sanford also added that her favorite part of the day was experiencing life at PA from a student’s perspective. She reflected, “I enjoyed sitting in on a classroom session to get a feel for what classes might be like”.

Grandparents and Special Persons’ Day provided a unique insight into student life for guests who might not regularly experience day to day life at Providence. Georgia and Casey Hamlin, grandparents of Amelia Hilberg ‘22, said, “Our favorite part of the day was being with our grandkids and seeing how their teachers teach them how and how not to think”. Hilberg herself reciprocated her grandparents’ sentiments noting, “My favorite part of the day was spending time with my grandparents and performing in the band for them.”

The highlight for many grandparents and guests was seeing the building itself. The Hamlins also mentioned their favorite parts of the school: the Chapel and Performing Arts Center. Visitors of all upper school students attended a performance in the PAC in which the upper school choir, strings, and band performed.  

Following in previous year’s footsteps, Grandparents and Special Persons’ Day allowed guests and students of all ages to share in the PA experience and emphasized that learning is a life long endeavor.