Seniors are soaking up every second of the 2021 Christmas season. Realizing this is the last Christmas spent living at home, the Class of 2022 is focused on spending time with friends and family. 

Leia Gable ’25, younger brother Elkana Gable, and Sophia Gable ’22 pose in front of their carefully decorated gingerbread house. “I enjoyed using our creativity to make something together. Finding something small to do as a family made it so special,” Sophia reflected.

Whether it’s making gingerbread houses or planning holiday fun for House period at school, seniors are getting in the Christmas spirit. They are finding ways to make the most of this Christmas season because it won’t be the same next year. 

Many Senior House leaders are planning festivities for the last House period before Christmas break. These include organizing Secret Santa gift exchanges, decorating gingerbread houses, enjoying Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, and watching Christmas movies. Through these activities, seniors are bringing all grades together for the Christmas season. 

Members of the Class of 2022 also look forward to Christmas traditions with family. 

Although it may seem unconventional, Elle Wiederholt ‘22 and her family make a birthday cake for Jesus every year on Christmas Day. Then, they gather around the red and green cake to sing “Happy Birthday.” 

“It’s Jesus’s birthday, so why wouldn’t we celebrate like that?” Wiederholt laughed.

Nina Von Dohlen ’22 poses with her gift for Sandra Alb ’24, her Secret Santa, during House period, Wednesday, December 15th. They also enjoy hot chocolate and cookies as they prepare for Christmas.

Sadly, going off to college means the inevitable discontinuation of some Christmas traditions. Seniors have mixed feelings about the end of these customs, but are prepared for the change and excited to make new memories.

Seniors also eagerly anticipate family gatherings. Next year, coming home for Christmas will feel much different, so they appreciate the privilege of spending time with family for all of December. 

Kristin Welch ‘22 confessed, “ I think I’ll appreciate family gatherings more next year since I won’t be seeing my family as often when I’m in college.”

Kylie Onserio ‘22 expressed a similar sentiment. Until her older siblings left for college, her family always went ice skating, made gingerbread houses, and baked cookies throughout the month of December. Although some of these traditions ended when her siblings went off to college, her family has still been able to celebrate the holiday season together in different ways. This gives Onserio reassurance that she’ll be able to stay connected with family while she is in college as well.

Seniors’ parents are also prepared to make the most of this season before their children leave for college. 

Mrs. Megan Wohlwend, parent to Emma Wohlwend ‘22, acknowledges things will be different next year, but she is prepared to overcome the challenge. 

“We’ll share our Christmas preparations and festivities via FaceTime and photos!” exclaimed Wohlwend. 

Despite the fact that it’s the seniors’ ‘Last Christmas’ living at home, they know their hearts won’t be ‘given away the very next day’ just because they’ll be gone at college next year.