“I can’t believe we’re actually seniors,” remarked Erin Brown, ‘24. 

While Brown’s sentiment may be common among the Class of 2024, they really are seniors, and have already made their last first week “fun,” “memorable,” and “a great time for everyone.”

The senior class kicked off the year with “Senior Sunrise,” heading to Hamel Hill at 6:15 AM to enjoy donuts, juice, and each other’s company. Gracie Griep, ‘24, explained that this event was, “a good opportunity to have fun, make new memories and get close with your classmates…It was great to start the year right next to the people who have made my high school experience amazing.”

Aidan Flynn, ’24, poses on the red carpet for the final time.

After catching the sunrise, the seniors made their way to PA to take one final and “nostalgic” walk on the red carpet. “My mentality in regards to my senior year has been directed towards taking in experiences, even if they are small. So, I had to pause to soak the moment in – that it would be my last time ever on the red carpet as a student at PA,” reflected lifelong Lion, Aidan Flynn, ‘24. 

The next few days of school consisted of adjusting to new schedules and getting used to senior privileges, which include senior sweatshirts, study halls in the atrium, and leaving class a few min early for lunch. “I love having study hall in the atrium because I will be enjoying the fireplace this winter,” explained Brown. 

The Class of 2024 wrapped up their last first week with a PA Lions Football game, and for seniors on the team, this was their final home opener. Tight End Trey Albertini, ‘24, explained that the game was “bittersweet. I’m glad I got this far but I wish the journey could last a bit longer.”

The Class of 2024 cheers on the Lions Football team from the front of the student section. PAW Photo Credit: Anika Austvold

Albertini’s sentiment was not only true for his senior teammates, but also for his classmates in the stands. “It’s a rollercoaster of emotions seeing these guys out here after all of the hard work they’ve put in over the past four years, but it’s really great,” remarked Louie Wehmann, ‘24. 

The dedication of the seniors is part of what led the Lions to victory. However, Albertini is certain that the team will be just as successful after they graduate. “The Class of 2024 has done a lot for the program, but I know that the Lions will be as good without us, hopefully even better,” he explained.

The senior class is ready to leave a lasting legacy at PA, even if this year seems “crazy,” “sad,” “terrifying,” or “awesome.” As Wehmann explains, “the Class of 2024 hopes to be an example that the following senior classes can look fondly upon, and I’m hoping that we can be an example to the younger grades as well.” 

PAW Feature Photo Credit: Sammy Lewis