In the midst of what feels like constant quizzes, tests, and quests, the Class of 2024 is currently facing another daunting task: college applications. 

According to the seniors, the college application process has been a “stressful,” “eye-opening” “grind,” and although there is still a month before the majority of applications are due, the Class of 2024 is already ahead of schedule, as most seniors have at least one application in. 

Brooke Hohenecker, ’24, on an official visit to the University of St. Thomas.

For some, like Bennett Hilberg, ‘24, the applications and supplements never seem to end. With 26 schools that he is applying to, Hillberg has described his senior year as, “Guerrilla warfare; the amount of work between school and college apps never seems to end, especially since my courses this year are some of the hardest they’ve ever been.”

Others, like Brooke Hohenecker, ‘24, have found the actual application process easy, due to the fact that they are committed to one school for sports. Hohenecker, who has committed to the University of St. Thomas for track, explains, “Being committed feels really nice because some of the pressure is lifted off, and it’s definitely been less stressful knowing that I’m actually into a college.”

Sam Friesz, ’24, visiting his top choice school: The University of Tennessee – Knoxville.

However, as recommended by PA’s college counseling department, the majority of the senior class is applying to around 6-10 schools. Sam Friesz, ‘24, explains, “It’s good to apply to a reasonable number of schools in order to open up your options for everywhere you’re looking, including reach schools and safety schools. Plus, you can consider the different opportunities from multiple schools before coming to a decision.” 

Whether they want to go to Stanford, Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina, the University of Wisconsin, or Duke, the Class of 2024 is surely filled with strong applicants who will make PA proud.