“I still kind of feel like I’m a freshman,” commented Maria Counts ‘22.

Although this may be a sentiment among many in the Class of 2022, they truly were Seniors as of September 1st, and are determined to make this year memorable. 

From planning out of school activities to making the most of regular school days, the first month of their senior year has already been special. 

Seniors Paige Meadows, Eleanor Young, Kylie Onserio, Liz Trubeck, and Ava Wasserman smile with their juice and coffee at the “Senior Sunrise” on September 1st.

12th graders kicked off the first day of school with a “Senior Sunrise” on Wednesday, September 1st. The Class of 2022 met at Hamel Hill at 6:15am to catch the sunrise. They wanted to be at one place as a class for the first moments of their final year together. Organized solely by members of the Senior class, students brought bagels, juice, coffee, balloons, and blankets. 

“I loved it. It was so fun to have an activity for just the seniors outside of school.” reflected Sophie Koch ‘22, who initiated the event. 

There is even talk among seniors of watching the sunset on the last day of school as well, in order to start and end the year together as a grade. 

Seniors Alex Rynders, Matthew Narog, Lucas Priemueller, Mac Clark, Sam Trombley, Joseph Uzelac, and Jack Lindberg take advantage of the new Senior Keurig between most classes and call themselves “The Brew Crew.”

Not only are Seniors enjoying outside of school activities, they are also relishing the many merits that come with being a Senior at Providence Academy. They love spending study halls on the couches in the Atrium, having a Senior snack locker, Senior sweatshirts, a Senior Keurig, and leaving for and from lunch 5 minutes early. 

These merits give Seniors a sense of accomplishment. They put in all the hard work to now be able to enjoy the privileges that come with being closer to adulthood. 

Matthew Narog ‘22 proudly commented, “It feels good to be a Senior. You get to enjoy Providence for being Providence and reap the benefits of the past 3 years.” 

Seniors Maria Counts, Anna Heaney, Nathan Hemmesch, Sidney Borland, and Elle Wiederholt enjoy studying and drinking coffee during their pink period study hall. “It’s so relaxing to have the opportunity to just have a coffee during study hall,” remarked Counts.

As much as seniors enjoying new merits, they are also ramping up participation in school activities, creating a more connected and exciting atmosphere among 12th graders. 

For example, the Class of 2022 has been giving their all on out of uniform days. During homecoming week, many Senior guys went so far as to wear capes, sashes, and tights for the pink themed out of uniform day.

Jack Lindberg ‘22 enthused, “I love pink! Plus, we thought it would be funny. It’s senior year, why not go all out?”.

Seniors Mary Rillens Lee, Kristin Welch, Ellie Millerbernd, Olivia Eck, Elle Wiederholt, Ava Wasserman, Liz Trubeck, Emma Wohlwend, Sophie Koch, and Grace Wikenheiser pose in their gold and white to capture the excitement at the Homecoming game on Friday, October 24th.

Additionally, Seniors have been pulling out all the stops when dressing in theme for Football games this season. From Hawaiian leis at the beginning of the season to covering themselves from head to toe in gold glitter for the Homecoming game, Seniors are making their last year one to remember. 

Although Senior year can be stressful and many may be ready to leave for college, PA Seniors are still determined to enjoy the school year. It’s an exciting time when students are on the edge of closing one chapter and beginning the next.

“There’s a certain excitement about Senior year. Not only because of what’s in Senior year, but also what’s beyond Senior year,” reflected Senior History teacher Mr. Ian Skemp.