The vote is in, according to a recent poll senior year is the best year. Granted, only seniors took the poll, but still, how could it not be? With privileges like parking in the senior lot, lunch in the atrium, coffee in the morning, senior skip day, and painting the senior rock, how could it be better?

From a rearview mirror, all of the years of high school go by  too fast, but senior year goes by much faster than the rest. You blink once and it’s winter break, blink twice it’s spring break, blink

Senior girls spending quality time together at the senior overnight retreat.

three times and you are straining your eyes to hold back the tears as you walk across the stage on graduation day.

So as we are all trying to balance time for school, work, family and friends, the senior class has also been starting to recount many of the fun memories we’ve shared before we all head off in different directions. Whether it be the popular snow day meme competition in history class, the Friday night football games where we’ve cheered ourselves hoarse, our first and last prom, overly stressing for senior speeches, blasting music in the hallways during passing period together, the emotional senior retreat we had in the beginning of the year, or the countless times our class has laughed and supported each other in and outside of the classroom, these memories will be with us for a lifetime.

Outside the classroom, the senior class has been very busy watching the favorite Game of Thrones season. Some people in the senior class even have started hosting Sunday night watch parties for the new episodes. The second favorite tv show is, of course, The Office. Speaking of pop culture, this year’s graduating class voted “Old Time Road” to represent the class of 19’.

As much as we have laughed, we have also cried together and experienced a lot throughout our 4 years–for the good and the, well, not so good. Whether that is “dancing (badly) in the bathroom with friends and having Mr. Blonski walk in” like Adam Costa, dancing with the spirit squad during a basketball game like Nathan Borthwick and getting kicked off, or dislocating your knee from doing the infamous dance move “the whip” like Lauren Owe, maybe the moral of the story is to not dance in high school?

Seniors enjoying an impromptu senior skip day at Grand Slam.

Inside the classroom, the seniors have been busy studying and finishing up their class work. When the seniors took a poll on what their favorite books have been in Mr. Schmalzbauer’s senior year seminar literature class, they chose (in order) Crime and Punishment, Inferno, and, for a close third, Brave New World. The class of ‘19 granted the award to hardest class to both physics as well as probability and statistics.  According to the comments in the poll, these should be avoided at all costs.

But the school of hard knocks does foster some hard earned wisdom.  “Good grades don’t equal success”, “Talk to teachers”, “Cringy moments will happen…let them”, “Don’t forget to enjoy life”, “Sleep, sleep, sleep!” “High school goes by fast. Go to everything you can and talk to anyone you see” are just some of the pieces of advice that the senior class gave underclassmen.

Seniors still has a lot of fun events coming up before we all finish the school year like the senior banquet, graduation itself, the senior overnight party as well as graduation parties in the summer. The class of ’19 is a bit sad to leave the yellow walls behind but are confident that the new roads they will take will lead them to greater things ahead.