The new year always brings change.  This year at Providence Academy, Upper School students will notice new traffic patterns between classes, new lunch seating, new face coverings, and even new teachers.  Among them is Dr. John Lewin, Upper School science teacher, who joins PA faculty from Visitation School in Mendota Heights and is most excited about teaching and taking off the masks.

Dr. Lewin makes learning interactive for his students.

Dr. Lewin already has made a great impression on students.  He brings a fun twist to chemistry. Students have already noticed how engaging Dr. Lewin’s lessons are.

“Two things you need as a teacher is knowledge of concept and patience,” said Dr. Lewin.

Dr. Lewin grew up in Farmington. As a kid he always looked up to his grandparents as role models. Growing up, Dr. Lewin didn’t really know what he wanted to be. He knew he wanted to do something with science, like a doctor or dentist. One thing that led him down his teaching career was when in high school he didn’t have a great experience with his science division of the school. So later he decided he would give kids better science basics than he got. He has many degrees and other such accomplishments in science from schools such as St. Thomas University and the University of Minnesota. He is married and has four sons, three of whom attend PA.

Dr. Lewin has already made his mark on the school by teaching Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, and Earth and Space Science in ways that make the student want to learn. Even though PA has not been the same, It’s good to know that the new teachers here make the days feel normal.