Sitting, studying, and searching. What do all these words have in common? They are the key ingredients for having a great time in Mrs. Krista Wiederholt’s library. Although it was sad to see Mrs. Claire Commers leave, especially after nineteen years of being Providence Academy’s only librarian, it is always nice to welcome a new face. Wiederholt is following in Commers’ footsteps with her love of reading and fun new additions that help make reading a fun experience. 

Besides Mrs. Wiederholt, Allegory (a crocheted bookworm), is a new and welcome addition to the library.

Wiederholt has always loved going to the library and has always loved books. She believes her passion for books started with her grandma when she was very young. Wiederholt would lead story time with her at the public library in her hometown. She would even tag along with her grandma when she led story time at the nearby assisted living center. These early experiences cultivated her love of books now. 

Like her love for books, Wiederholt’s love for Providence isn’t new either.  As a PA parent with two daughters that have been attending for four years, she is not completely new to the PA community. In fact, Wiederholt remembers being impressed by the library when touring the school.

“One of the main reasons I wanted my children to go to PA was because of the library,” remarked Wiederholt.

When the librarian position became open, she reflected, “I just feel like it really spoke to me and was the right fit for me.” 

Along with a new face in the library, some fun new displays have also appeared, including a doll house, reading mats for individual reading time, and the saint book shelf. Young library goers are perhaps most excited about Allegory, a book worm that hides in a different spot every week and shows the children where they can find new books to read. 

“I love Allegory,” glowed Wells Martin ‘31. “It is always so exciting to read the clues and search for him each week.” 

Martin is not the only one who is enjoying the new additions to the library. The rest of the Lower School takes delight in the cozy atmosphere. 

“The children never want to leave,” stated fifth grade instructor Mrs. Beth Reopelle. “They love being read to, picking out a new book, and taking a break from the [rest of the school] day.” 

From hanging out with their friends to sitting in a comfy chair and reading their next favorite book, the library offers a variety of engaging activities for students of all ages, thanks to Widerholt’s enthusiasm and efforts.

“I am most looking forward to getting to know the kids as well as the library and helping them pick out great books,” concluded Wiederholt.

Wiederholt reads her one of her favorite books to a group of fourth graders.