Guests of the Providence Academy community felt a warm and informative welcome at the PA admissions event Coffee and Conversation on March 10th. The PA admissions team worked hard to create an event in which parents and students possibly interested in PA could learn about the school in a casual yet communicative setting. 

As usual, this established event began with greetings at the door. Seven families in attendance enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace, coffee, and hospitality as they mingled and asked admissions faculty and volunteers questions about the school. 

The welcoming PA living room hosted guests who conversed with faculty members and volunteers at this week’s Coffee and Conversation.

Student volunteers help at admissions events to add a necessary and fruitful element to the details guests learn about the school.  Sandra Alb ‘24, who helped at Tuesday’s conversation, commented, “I found that as a student, I could more easily give the guests my version of the story, from the eyes of [someone] who is about the same age as their own child”. 

Perspectives like Alb’s give viewpoints that parents and faculty might not see.  Student testimonies engage prospective parents by directly sharing personal experience. Alb continued, “This made it easier to connect with the visitors on the level of their child, who, after all, will be the one attending Providence Academy”.

Guests also participated in an informative session, led by the divisional directors at Providence. Each director covered an important aspect of the mission of PA- encompassing faith, knowledge, and virtue. Afterward, Headmaster Dr. Todd Flanders also spoke and gave an overview of the whole school. Mrs. Susie Truax, Enrollment Assistant, reflected, “This is a great way for people to ask questions. It’s exciting to see enthusiastic interest from guests”.

Mrs. Truax welcomes guests into PA with a warm smile.

Once the informative session was complete, visitors had the opportunity to go on a tour of the school. Because the event ran during the school day, guests visited various classrooms and saw students in action in grades of interest.

Mrs. Nancy Galgano, Lower School director, commented the importance of a first time impression of the PA campus.  Galgano remarked, “Almost all guests have never been in the school before. I want them to see not only the beauty and physical appearance of the school structure but the warmth of the PA community as well”. 

Coffee and Conversation is a unique community event because of the comfortable, personal way it welcomes those interested in PA during the school day. Guests witness first hand student life and see how engaging the Providence atmosphere truly is. Mrs. Sally Nathe, Enrollment Coordinator, remarked on what she likes most about events like these, “We always like to share what a special place Providence is. The open conversations bring in different energies, which is very beneficial”. 

Coffee and Conversation not only shares facts about Providence, but also provides an intimate glimpse into its supportive, and loving educational environment. Galgano concluded, “We can do all the advertising in the world and give ideas about aspects of the school, but there is no substitute for meeting people here at Providence”.