Every school year brings all kinds of fun changes and new additions to the yellow walls of Providence Academy. This especially notable year, Providence has been fortunate to welcome nine new faculty members. Among these additions is a familiar face, Campus Minister Ms. Michele Volk.

Volk has been involved with Providence Academy since the 2015-2016 school year, when she was a member of the National Evangelization Team (NET Team), and has since been a coach for girl’s soccer and softball. Originally planning a career involving her studies in multimedia, being a part of NET inspired Volk to pursue a path in more centered in ministry for the same reason she had pursued communication arts: beauty.

Volk’s love for beauty is seen in the religious art and calligraphy decorating her room, but even more so in the way she strives to lead others to relationship with Christ.

Ms. Volk shares her love of beauty by decorating her room with beautiful religious art and bible verses.

“We can draw people into the Christian life by living a beautiful life,” Volk explained. “When people see someone living a beautiful life with peace and joy, they want that.”

As a campus minister, Volk’s main goal is to help Middle and Upper School students know God’s love for them. She hopes to do this through retreats, small groups, fun activities and simply getting to know the students she ministers to. After sharing her faith, Volk admits that the best part of her job is the students she encounters daily.

“I love coming to work every day,” she beamed; “Spending time with students and building relationships is great motivation.”

A woman of many responsibilities, Volk does it all with grace and humility. “This is God’s work and I’m just partaking in it,” she reflected. “At the end of the day I’m just trying to do my part.” PA is blessed to have Ms. Volk this year as she spreads joy and beauty to those around her.