To the rest of the Providence Academy community, the seniors certainly look strange these days: over-caffeinated bundles of blankets wandering through the hallways, gripping coffee and ceaselessly muttering about November 1st.

October is a notoriously busy month for PA seniors. Between college applications, scholarship essays, financial aid forms, senior speech drafts, athletic obligations, and club meetings, they hardly have any time for their regular coursework.

Reflecting on her busy schedule, Francesca Toste ‘19 stated, “I’m definitely stressed. I stay up late to do homework, which ends up sacrificing my sleep. I do always try to get my homework done, but I’ll sacrifice some homework that’s not as important.”

Most seniors will certainly recognize this image: the front page for the Common Application website. Many college applications are completed through this website. Each application is composed of a personal profile, teacher recommendations, college specific essay prompts, and financial aid information.

With their lengthy to-do lists, many seniors find themselves more sleep-deprived than usual. “What’s a sleep schedule?” laughed Aspen Fowler ‘19, “I’d say I get to sleep anywhere between 10 and 3 am. It’s sort of a range.”

Fortunately, teachers understand the effects of this overwhelming college search process. During the month of October, many teachers give their seniors looser deadlines, less homework, and even time to work on college applications during class.

Posters outside the college counseling office advertise upcoming college visits. These visits help students gather information about potential future schools.

Sarah Zielinski ‘19 stated, “It depends on the teacher, but generally yes; teachers are being understanding about college applications. Mr. Skemp gave us a pretty easy first unit. I’ve had a few classes where I’ve gotten to work on my applications. But other than that, I don’t think they’re going too easy on us.”

However, the seniors aren’t alone in this process. With the help of their teachers, peers, parents, and College Counselors, the class of 2019 will successfully meet their all deadlines. To the seniors who have finished their November 1st deadlines already: congratulations! To those with some left to do: keep up the good work! To those who haven’t yet begun: the chapel is often open!  Good luck to all!