PA athlete Madie Anderson ’20 works out on the track.

Providence Academy boasts many talented athletes that excel in spring sports. The graduating class of 2020 includes participants in golf, baseball, soft ball, and track and field, several of whom have signed letters of intent and been offered scholarships to compete in collegiate athletcis. Due to the current guidelines surrounding COVID-19, these seniors missed out on their final spring seasons. In typical PA fashion, these athletes have found alternative ways to push themselves to excel in their sport and continue to do what they love. 

Fortunately, track athletes can continue to run despite cancellations. Hailey Hohnecker ‘20 and her sister Brooke ‘24 have continued their regular workouts at the track. Hailey is looking forward to her freshman season of basketball at Sioux Falls University next year, and she was counting on the track season to keep her in shape, “Brooke and I are super lucky that our mom coaches track. It gives us access to all of the workouts we would have done this year.” Coach Hohnecker has provided the girls with workouts and even some meet simulations to give the them a taste of the season they should have had. 

Managers Helena Peppin, Colleen Newman, and Angelina Hartley deliver locker signs to the baseball team.

Senior baseball captains are also finding ways to work around all the curveballs this pandemic has thrown their way. Since baseball is a team sport, it’s difficult to recreate the memories these players would have made together. This hasn’t stopped captains Joshua Koskie ‘21 and George Wehmann ‘20 from putting in work at the batting cages in Hamel. In addition, managers Helena Peppin ‘20, Angelina Hartley ‘20, and Colleen Newman ‘20 made signs for the seniors and delivered them to their houses in honor of their final season.

“The guys are bummed that we didn’t get a chance to play one last year together. We’re still doing what we can to continue to play baseball, but obviously it’s just not the same as being out at Loretto. We really appreciate that the managers took the time to make this gesture,” commented Wehmann. 

The PA golf team also had to cancel their 2020 season; however, recently Minnesota opened up golf courses and driving ranges to the public. Although the athletes won’t get a chance to represent Providence Academy this year, the juniors and underclassmen can continue to brush up their skills for next season. As for the seniors, they went out on a high note with last year’s state appearance being their final official high school competition.

PA’s athletes were sad to see their seasons come to an end, but they didn’t let that stop them from staying active. Their dedication has driven them to find new ways to compete and better their skills.