Medical School: These two words mean different things to many. To some, medical school is a daunting path, riddled with stressful entrance exams and nearly-impossible courses. To others, a faraway dream that may not be realized. And still others, it is a place of opportunity that will kick-start their careers. For Providence mom Dr. April Lind, medical school was once all three. On December 3, 2021, Lind had the opportunity to share with the Medical Club stories and advice she gained from her career as an internal medicine-pediatrics doctor.

As an internal medicine doctor, Lind forms relationships with patients to prevent illness. And as a pediatrician, Lind tracks growth and development for children under eighteen and educates parents about normal growth milestones.  During her time as both, Lind has used her close doctor-patient relationships to detect allergies, diagnose diseases, and discover other causes of illness.

For many, her presentation to the Medical Club provided a special insight for students discerning what their future may hold.

Caroline Stephenson ‘23 asks a question at Dr. Lind’s presentation on Friday, December 3rd.  This presentation helped students like Stephenson understand the nuances of going into the medical field.

Grace Wickenheiser ‘22 remarked, “I am glad I am able to hear what a day in the life is like for people in medical professions in a way I wouldn’t be able to without Med Club. I got a sense of how much she cares about the people she works with and how relationships are important.”

Even for those who do not envision medicine in their future, Lind had an important lesson for them: perseverance.  After not getting into medical school on her first try, Lind overcame this disappointment when she reapplied and was eventually accepted into and graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1999.

And the hard work was worth it.

“I became a doctor to help people learn and understand the beauty and vitality within them, and ways to improve or regain this when lost due to illness.”

The Medical Club has been working to spread messages like Dr. Lind’s to as many students as they can. From the club’s founding, it has brought in Providence parents with medical experience in order to make a future as a doctor seem like a tangible reality to current students.  Now in 2021, they aim to welcome a presenter every other Friday.

Dr. April Lind receives congratulations from daughters Elizabeth Lind ‘23 and Emily Lind ‘23 after speaking to the Medical Club about her career as an internal medicine-pediatrics doctor.

And they don’t stop at speakers. Medical Club members have many other events to look forward to, such as CPR certification, a tour of the Mayo Clinic, and anything else students want to experience in the medical career field.  

“I hope students get an idea of what they want to do in the medical field or find more information about a career that they’re interested in. At the least, I hope that students get to learn more about an interesting career option!” enthused Liz Mogere ‘22, President of the Medical Club. “My job as president is to try and make sure that students can get what it is that they want out of Medical Club,” she added.

Providence Academy is home for many future medical professionals thanks to the Medical Club and inspiring speakers like Dr. Lind.