Every year Providence Academy welcomes speakers to come and enlighten parents and students about business and life after college. Last week, Paul Hillen and Paul Batz, from Good Leadership Enterprises brought their message to juniors and seniors at PA.  Their focus for the past five years has been on helping CEOs, managers, and business owners to bring “goodness” to their workplace to create a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork to help all employees thrive.

Paul Batz speaking in the PAC

In order to spread the word about the importance of “goodness” in the workplace, Batz and Hillen co-authored a book, How Goodness Pays. They stress that this book isn’t just a soft and fluffy message such as,“be nice to people,” but is based on three years of research backing up the idea that goodness will boost productivity in the workplace.

Batz and Hillen note that many things can be done to ensure that goodness will pay, such as creating a team-based culture, having timely and transparent decision making, and promoting magnetic ethics. The duo came up with these ideas after interviewing many CEOs and business owners in order to find out and test what works well in the workplace today.

In Batz’s words, a boss who decides it’s “my way or the highway” won’t help a business.  Although having a demanding boss worked well in the past, Hillen suggests that “people used to be very subservient, now they want to know that they’re involved.”  Statistics show that people used to only work one or two stable jobs in their lifetime; now that number is up to twelve or thirteen. In a job market where the majority of people bounce between jobs, it’s now imperative that employers work to make their employees feel like part of a team, creating loyalty and a desire to make the company as a whole better.

Most important to Hillen is the aspect of faith, both in and outside the workplace. His faith is a priority and is the reason he chose to send his children to PA. When it comes to business he believes that those who are faith-based have the strongest ethics, and most likely are people you can rely on.  By educating people on this seemingly simple idea of goodness in the workplace, Batz and Hillen have helped many leaders thrive and create strong teamwork with heightened productivity in their business.

For more information, visit: https://www.goodleadership.com/how-goodness-pays-book/