As the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year drew to a close in early January, Upper Schoolers at Providence Academy once again reviewed finalized grades from the past four-and-a-half months of school with a mix of relief and dread. Of course students long to bring home high marks in their classes, but they aren’t the only ones being graded. recently ranked the Upper School #1 in “Best Catholic High Schools in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area”, giving special merit to its college preparation, athletic programs, and teacher support.

Niche takes the school’s rigorous academics into account when ranking the school at the end of last year.

Niche is a popular ranking website where users browse schools, colleges, workplaces, and more to suit their various needs and expectations. When it comes to secondary education, Niche takes several key statistics and student and parent reviews into account when ranking schools. 

Being rated #1 out of over a dozen Catholic high schools is truly an honor. Upper School Director, Mrs. Kelly Harrington noted, “The ‘#1 Catholic High School’ label is huge because it says that we are living and completing our mission as a school”. 

PA has several awards on the wall of the Admissions office from years past.

This may not be Providence’s first award, but it is certainly distinct from the rest. Director of Marketing and Admissions at PA, Mrs. Debra Spears shared, “This award is a little bit more special because Niche is used on a national and a global basis. It also takes into account many factors that our other awards might not have”. While many of PA’s awards are presented on a more local scale, this award will hopefully allow the knowledge of Providence Academy to extend to an even greater number of potential students and families. 

This recent ranking is one of many products of eighteen years of work from the entire community in achieving the school’s vision and mission. Headmaster, Dr. Todd Flanders commented, “I’m very pleased. Taking into account our students, teachers, faith formation, curriculum, athletics, and all kinds of things, Niche’s third party analysis as well as user ratings were terrific!” 

While members within the PA community are certainly honored to have achieved such high praise, the school still plans to maintain its true focus. As Spears says, “Our goal is to be doing what we can to help students grow in their faith, knowledge, and virtue, and become God-fearing, positive citizens of this world.”