From the Cake Walk to raffle prizes, Providence Academy hosted its annual Fall Fun Fair, for the 15th year in a row, on November 12. The fair spreads across three gyms and the Great Room, with quick-playing games and opportunities for Lower Schoolers to win toys, candy, and other treats. Even though the fair was created with the Lower School students in mind, it truly brings the entire PA community together. 

Memphis Senenfelder, ’31, William Le, ’31, and Osiris Goldberg, ’32, racking up prizes at the Fall Fun Fair.

Lower Schoolers, especially, enjoy everything about this popular school event. AJ Daniels, ‘32, expressed, “I really like the grab bags because I get to win candy, tickets, and stuffed animals.”  

Victoria McGregor, ‘30, added, “I love the cakewalk because I get to win cakes for my dad.” 

There is truly something for everyone in the community, as the middle school and upper school students get the chance to volunteer and interact with younger students. 

John Cummins, ‘22, noted, “The Fall Fun Fair allows me to be involved with the lower school students and it’s also a great way to get service hours.” 

Katherine Stephenson, ’28, helps Lower Schoolers play a racing game, and hands out prizes.

PA parents also love the fair.  Lower School parent of two, Laura Lowe, commented, “The fair brings the kids and the parents together, with opportunities to meet other parents and get to know one another.” 

While lower school students ran from station to station, arms full of prizes and deciding where to go next, parents took an opportunity to stay in one place and volunteer at specific stations. 

Parents and students gather in the Great Room for concessions and conversation.

With involvement from all grade levels, this beloved event is something the whole community looks forward to each and every year. Savannah Wesman, ‘30, exclaimed, “The Fall Fun Fair is so fun because I get to be with all my friends and win prizes.”