The air was crisp and nerves were high as the nine senior boys lined Mithun Field for the last time on Tuesday, September 19th during Homecoming Week. The Boys’ Senior Soccer season has been anticipated as the team strives to prove themselves before they venture outside of the yellow walls and explore other life plans. 

Seniors, along with the athletes’ parents and other fans, came out to support the PA Boys’ Soccer team for their last home game. 

“You have to come out and support the team so you can let them know their worth,” commented senior Chase Millerbernd, ‘24. 

As the clock started counting down from 80 minutes, Providence Academy was quick to move the ball around leaving Breck wondering who to cover. Within the first two minutes of the game, Roy Kyle, ‘24, found the ball at his feet and put it into the back of the net. 

At a previous game, the soccer team showed unity through a pre-game huddle. PAW Photo Credit: Jodi Lewis

PA was anticipating the ball well within the first 25 minutes of the game. Shortly after, the rivalry between the two schools started to show. The game became very physical which resulted in Breck being awarded a penalty kick. The score was now 1 – 1. 

PA’s team chemistry is a noticeable quality on the field. During the homecoming game, they were able to communicate well and look out for each other. The ball was passed from player to player almost as a second nature. 

“When you have chemistry with your team it’s like playing with yourself out there. You already know where they are going to be,” commented Max Igbanugo, ‘24.

The game was push and pull for a while but a second penalty kick put Breck ahead. In the last thirty seconds of the game, PA cleared the ball up the field but ended up missing the opportunity to execute the play. Tension was high as the buzzer went off. The game score was finalized at 1-2. 

Matty Schaffer, ’27, holds off a defender, as he looks to move the ball upfield. PAW Photo Credit: Leightyn Ferrell

“At the end of the day, we had some good plays and there is a lot to be positive about. It just came down to who could put the ball away more, and today it was them,” said Kyle.

For the seniors, these past four soccer seasons have gone by in a flash. With each season, these boys have become better players and people. Representing PA on their jerseys is a memory that they will hold onto forever. 

With sections coming up the team will focus on fine-tuning their fundamentals. They look to face Breck one final time at sections this season. There they can showcase what they have been working hard on all season. 

Millerbernd said, “It is all about the fight in the lion.”