Maggie Hope looks at the camera while stretching on her blanket.

This new year means new beginnings, especially for PA Spanish and Journalism teacher Mrs. Rachel Hope. Over the past two years, she has moved from Kentucky to Minnesota, gotten married, and now has a new baby girl, Maggie. This past Thursday, January 7, Hope experienced yet another new adventure: she returned from maternity leave, officially beginning a new chapter in her life as a teacher and mother. 

“There are uncertainties as well as difficulties in returning to work, like not knowing what Maggie is doing or needs at all times like I am used to,” stated Hope.I will miss her a lot since I have only been away from her for only two hours at a time.” 

Hope’s experience of being pregnant and having her baby during a pandemic brought a few difficulties. Her husband, John, was not able to come to her first ultrasound to see their baby for the first time, this was very hard for both of them, especially since they could only FaceTime. She also had to put a mask on after her labor, which was very hard for her. 

Hope also discovered an unexpected perk of already being a teacher and now a new mother. She found that being selfless is one of the main virtues that overlap with the two completely different roles. 

“Being selfless is key to being a mother as well as a teacher because both roles are constantly working to do the best for someone else,” glowed Hope. “If anything could have prepared me for motherhood, this did.”

Despite all the changes in her life, Hope is taking it all in stride. While she is sad to leave Maggie at home, she is grateful this new chapter in her life has taught her to ask for help when she needs it, and to work on keeping her work life and home life separated. But above all, she is excited to find a new rhythm in her life and cannot wait to reconnect with her students.