It seems to be that time of year again. The time when we honor annual traditions and represent our school spirit. One way the students do this is through the Powderpuff Football game. Each year the Upper School junior and senior Lady Lions prepare to face off during Homecoming Week. 

For the first time in PA History, the Powderpuff game was played during the hours of the school day, whereas in the past, the game was played under the glow of the field lights at 7 p.m.

The senior student section gathers at the fence to cheer on their fellow classmates. PAW Photo Credit: Taylor Asche.

With the whole high school coming out to support the juniors and seniors, the fan section was more lively than in previous years.

Inga Nelson, ‘24 said, “I think that was a good idea; they were chanting for our grade and they were supporting us.” 

Once play started, the juniors were left wondering what went wrong as they were unable to shut down the seniors’ offense on countless occasions. The senior quarterback, Leightyn Ferrell, ‘24, threw for two touchdowns and used her quick feet to pick up some yards. The seniors’ offense had a great playbook that the juniors could have taken a page from.

Juniors attempt to chase down Nelson as she runs the ball to the endzone. PAW Photo Credit: Taylor Asche.

Nelson reflected, “I think Leightyn was the player of the game.” 

Junior Defensive Coach Peyton Bartz, ‘25, said, “We have a lot to work on for next year, like grabbing the flag.” Luckily, the juniors have some time to fine tune their skills for next year as they look to prove themselves one final time.

With a final score of 22-12, the seniors claimed yet another victory, which allowed them to maintain their undefeated 18 year streak. Although a victory for the seniors was nothing new, the daytime event brought a different vibe and was a welcome change. 

Juniors Annabelle Whitaker, Amelia Madden, and Delaney Flanigan, ’25, stay positive on the sidelines. PAW Photo Credit: Taylor Asche.

Even though the juniors lost, they still had a great time. Powderpuff is a great tradition at PA. Who knows what the outcome will be in the years to come. 

Junior Delaney Flanigan, ‘25, commented, “We all had a lot of fun, even though we didn’t come out on top.”