Written by: Anna Ahlers, Grace Horinek, and Julia Holton

The Middle School National Evangelization Teams (NET) retreat at Providence Academy is always a positive experience for many middle school students and has helped them over the years grow closer to God. This year, grades six through eight experienced a NET retreat from October 4th through October 6th. 

NET leaders presented a skit to the Middle School during the retreat. PAW Photo Credit: Liam Riley

Team leader, Hannah Dandurand, has been a part of NET for two years. Dandurand reflected upon her involvement saying, “It was my younger brother Isaac who was also involved with NET. I was really inspired by how much he changed, both as a person in general and spiritually. It was as if all these gifts I had seen in him growing up, as his sister, he was finally comfortable sharing with others and it is so beautiful.” 

NET has been a large part of the Catholic education at Providence Academy and has helped students grow deeper in faith for years by teaching prayer techniques and challenging youth to grow and embrace Christ. 

Throughout the retreat, the middle schoolers were able to partake in a variety of activities including small groups, prayer time, “Jesus letters” (letters written in conversation with Jesus), skits, and games. The eighth graders even played a fun “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game which helped express the hardships that people go through on their path for Christ. The sixth graders participated in an exciting dance off competition, to make known the support of their peers.

Grace Hub, ‘29, during prayer time. PAW Photo Credit: Liam Riley

Eighth grader Maeve O’Connor, ‘28, reflected, “We had a super sweet small group leader who gave great advice, was understanding, and good at engaging the group in conversations.” 

Blake Hutson, ‘28, said, “We listened to testimonies and took away from it that God is real.” 

Dandurand reflected that she believes that anyone can, and should join NET. “You just need that love for the Lord.” 

Dandurand admitted she loved being a part of the Providence NET retreat because of the great energy and enthusiasm the kids had. PA students have been extremely fortunate to engage in these NET retreats every year and it is such a fun way to help students grow deeper in their faith life.