Around this time of year, thousands upon thousands of Americans would be boarding buses and planes to attend the March for Life in Washington D.C. A day usually full of notable Pro-Life advocates, political commentators, and prayers, this annual event is meant to remind Americans of the sanctity of every human life and the violation thereof through abortion. Due to COVID-19, students were unable to attend the small March for Life that took place in D.C. However, several Upper School students were present in spirit supporting the cause from the school.

Students at the March for Life held up their signs as they marched outside the school to share the Pro-Life message and pray a rosary for those who suffer from the wounds of abortion.

Lions for Life president Grace Wikenheiser ‘22 and vice president Mary Rillens Lee ‘22, along with PA administration members, organized Pro-Life Day 2021. Students were able to create signs with Pro-Life messages, view the virtual March for Life, listen to speeches from Pro-Life advocates, march outside the school, and discuss and pray about the issue of abortion.

Although students were not able to be physically present to march and support the Pro-Life cause, Pro-Life Day gave them an opportunity to truly reflect upon the purpose and meaning of the movement. 

“We need to pause and think about this evil of abortion,” Middle and Upper School Religion teacher and advisor for Lions For Life, Mrs. Angela Jendro explained.  “There’s a lot of attempts to silence the truth about the harm caused by abortion, so it’s so important that we give the truth.”

This year, Providence was fortunate to have a speaker working on the frontlines of the Pro-Life cause come and address students about the movement. Kathleen Haus, a nurse and Clinical Director at Abria Pregnancy Resource Center and a PA mom, spoke about her job assisting families in crisis pregnancies and the importance of helping women who find themselves in those situations.

“The most important thing I want students to know is to be there for other women,” Haus reflected, stressing the importance of strong Christians supporting young women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Haus advised those present to stay active in Pro-Life clubs, pray openly for the clients at Abria, support local pregnancy centers that so often rely on donors and volunteers, and finally, to be courageous and charitable in discussing their Pro-Life beliefs with others. 

Mrs. Kathleen Haus, Clinical Director at Abria Pregnancy Resource Center in St. Paul, speaks to students at Pro-Life Day about ways to support women and the Pro-Life cause.

The most important portions of the day were those spent in prayer for the end of abortion and the conversion of hearts. During Pro-Life Day, students had the opportunity to attend Mass, pray the Rosary, and go to Adoration and Confession. 

Evelyn Hemler ‘21, commented on the prayerful moments of the day, “I always think I don’t have the time to go to Adoration or pray a whole Rosary, so it was nice to set aside time for my faith and put everything else on the back burner.”

Though the March for Life didn’t look quite the same this year, it certainly was a powerful experience for those present. The streets of Washington D.C. may have been much quieter, but the same pro-life message proves to ring louder than ever.