Markers, colored paper, stickers, and witty puns: these simple items may seem childish, but to those who receive a product created by them, they mean the world. The Letters of Love club, which is an extension of the international youth-led nonprofit organization of the same name, coordinated an event on Friday December 10, 2021, at which Providence Academy students combined their efforts and the aforementioned materials to craft cards that then reached the hands of 120 children at various hospitals later that week. 

Before and after school on the 10th, students sat in the Atrium, munching on doughnuts, jamming to Christmas music, and creating cheerful holiday cards. To some this may seem like just another social event, but to others, such as Quincy Wiederholt ‘25, it was a way to put more goodness into the world.  

She notes that Letters of Love is an important club at PA, “because it does things that I may never have thought to do or been able to do if it weren’t for the club.” Wiederholt goes on to say, “Though it is very simple, it is still an act of kindness that brings happiness.”

This happiness was the goal of PA’s Letters of Love Club. Letters of Love is an organization where students, whether they are a club member or not, can come together to make cards for those enduring an impactful change in their life. 

Spanish teacher Señora Ramirez was pleasantly surprised to receive so much support from her students when she was at home, recovering from her procedures. 

Grace Wikenheiser ‘22, President of Letters of Love, commented, “There are two aspects of running this club that I absolutely love: seeing and hearing the joy that the cards we make bring to others who are going through so much, and seeing members of the PA community take time out of their day to come together, laughing and smiling, to share their creativity with others.” 

This joy and creativity even touched the hearts of those in PA’s own community.  Many teachers, such as Spanish teacher Señora Ramirez, received support from the Letters of Love community. Ramirez underwent several difficult procedures throughout 2020 and 2021, but recounts how she was blown away by the cards she received.

 “I didn’t expect it at all,” Ramirez recalls. She was astonished by the cards she received, even from students she never taught. “This is what touched me the most.“

Letters of Love is a testimony to the fact that even just taking ten minutes out of your day can bring lasting joy to another. Kindness can come in all shapes and sizes, including an 8 x 11 sheet of paper.