Sweet Italian sausage cavatappi with tomato sauce. Chicken teriyaki with basmati rice and steamed vegetables. Grilled salmon with mango salsa. This is not the menu for a luxurious restaurant in Uptown. Rather, this is just a fragment of the lunch menu at Providence Academy.

PA is famous for their amazing selection of foods in their lunch program. Brigid Burns ‘20 said whenever she visits the lower school, she makes sure to tell them all about the wonders of the PA food.

In addition to the grill line and salad bar, PA students, faculty, staff, and guests find various homemade soups available daily.

From ice cream and fries to salad and fruit, the lunch options at PA are extensive. The wide variety attracts many students and teachers alike. Mimi Meadows ‘20 remarked, “I love it because if I do not feel like the main line I can get the grill, and if I don’t like the grill, I can get the pasta, salad, or sandwich bar.”

This does not only attract current students but alumni as well. As alumni of PA with a visit, they are given a free lunch. Anna Counts ‘18 said, “I will definitely be coming back for a visit on orange chicken day.”

Colleen Newman, Adam Huser, Max Peckinschnieder, and Peyton Albertini enjoy the round tables by engaging in a conversation.

Recently, PA added breakfast. The PA kitchen opens its doors at 8 o’clock each morning. to the students who rushed out of the house in the morning without breakfast, or for the mom who did not have time to go grocery shopping but still wants a nutritious, balanced breakfast for their kids. A breakfast at PA could include bacon, eggs, sausage, or even freshly baked muffins.  

The attraction does not stop. Parents of lower schoolers look forward to spending time with their children at lunch. PA encourages sharing lunch with your child and welcomes many parents daily.  

John Wooden, Candido Palomarez, Sean Rocherford joke around at lunch.

Overall, PA offers an amazing lunch and breakfast option for not only its current students but for parents and alumni alike. This encourages much more than a simple midday meal. Rather, PA prompts conversation between those sitting at the round tables in the Great Room. This open space allows conversation to spread from food reviews of what that day’s lunch is to contrasting what Dr. Hippler said about Aristotle’s philosophy in religion class with what Mr. Hester said about Lockean philosophy in History. Now that’s food for thought.