Chef Morris, Mrs. Truax and co. adding the finishing touches to lunches last week.

Whether it’s Chef Marshall Morris’ famed orange chicken or popcorn shrimp caesar salad, PA has always been known for its luxury lunches. Due to current events keeping families away from PA, PA has found a new way to be available to families. Chef Morris and the kitchen staff are hard at work to provide families and alumni with PA’s coveted lunches, curbside. 

None other than Chef Morris himself put the wheels in motion for this operation.  He reflected, “ I thought it might help the Providence community feel connected, and what better way to connect than through food?” Additionally, Morris desired, “to relieve parents of the stress of feeding their children three meals a day!”

Mr. England greets those in the curbside pickup line with a smile while keeping track of lunches.

Given the logistical challenge of such an undertaking, many might be wondering how this initiative morphed from passing thought to concrete reality. Morris shared, “ I worked with Dr. Flanders, Dawn Schommer, Rick Strobel, and Eric England to plan out the logistics.”

Meals are available for curbside pickup between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm Monday through Friday. Those interested must place orders in advance on the PA website, by 4:00 PM the day before meal pick up. PA lunch is available to current students, their immediate family, and alumni, but those interested can also donate meals to Sharing and Caring hands when placing an order.


A day of tough work leaves Mrs. Truax with a smile on her face as she delivers lunches to cars in the pick up line.

Hannah Kuhn, mother and member of the PA community commented, “My family and I have ordered lunch and donated two meals to Sharing and Caring hands”. Kuhn continued, “I really liked this idea because it helps families stay connected and gives back to the community”. 


In times like these that are otherwise uncertain and isolating, a little solidarity goes a long way. Who knew a school lunch could mean so much? Just a taste of normalcy can do a lot for a community.

Place an order here today and enjoy a luxury lunch tomorrow: