On Halloween, the Lower School had a fun time attending Trunk-or-Treat, an event put on by Providence’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Although this tradition is fairly new, starting just three years ago, it has become extremely popular, giving Lower and Upper School students an opportunity to dress up and interact. 

“This is my favorite way to spread Halloween cheer,” exclaimed Grace Counts, ‘23, who dressed up as Marshall from PAW Patrol for her cohort’s “fired-up trunk.” 

Julia Holton, ’24, Kira Cmiel, ’23, and Avery Lampe, ’24, hand out candy to lower schoolers at Trunk or Treat, in front of their “Mystery Machine.” PAW Photo Credit: Katarina Greenwood.

NHS cohorts had a blast decorating their cars, with different themes such as, McDonald’s, PAW Patrol, Star Wars, Sports, Minions, Lightning McQueen, Scooby Doo, and Charlie Brown. 

Counts commented, “I love seeing the creativity in everyone’s cars because some people went all out and others just went to bring joy to the Lower Schoolers.”

The Lower School students loved interacting with the Upper Schoolers, especially getting candy from them. “My favorite candy was the suckers,” exclaimed Everett Jones, ‘35. 

After the event was over, each Lower School class voted on which decorated car was their favorite. The most popular cars were the McDonalds drive-thru and Charlie Brown. 

Bridget Healy, ‘23, President of NHS, said, “My car’s theme was McDonald’s drive-thru. We thought that McDonald’s would be a fan favorite among the Lower Schoolers.”

Mary McGinty, ’23, works the McDonald’s drive-thru, the Lower Schoolers’ favorite NHS car. PAW Photo Credit: Katarina Greenwood.

Trunk-or-Treat is more than just a little event. It brings joy to both the lower school and the upper school. 

Healy added, “Trunk-or-treat is a great way for Upper School students to bond with Lower School students at Providence Academy. It is a great way to connect with our roots because we all came from the Lower School and it reminds us of our childhood.”