Valentine’s Day is an international holiday celebrated on February 14 of every year. At Providence Academy, the entire school celebrates this day with many activities and traditions that all the students look forward to. It’s most commonly celebrated by expressing the love you have for friends, family and other important people in your life.

The entire school gets excited for this holiday and its shown by the numerous decorations made by the lowerschoolers that are displayed in both the classrooms and hallways throughout the school.  In the upper school, the student council orchestrates Valentine-grams as something fun for the students to do as well to help get everyone into the spirit of the holiday. The student council sells red roses, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and crush cans for the students to anonymously send to other students at PA. During lunch on Valentine’s Day, these gifts are then handed out to the students by the student council.

JohnPaul Hughes ’22 poses with his crush can that he received on Valentine’s day as a part of our Valentine-gram activity.

This year marks the second year that PA has had Valentine-grams. It is a growing tradition that is loved by the students because it allows them to have some fun in the midst of the constant chaos that is high school. Kelsey Fiesz 20’ says “it is really fun to see everyone receive roses and crush cans and not know who they are from”.

Whether you are receiving these gifts from a secret admirer, significant other, or a friend, it is still very exciting to give and receive something on this special day. Celia Raney, Junior student council President, says “seeing who the students buy gifts for is always exciting, as is watching the reactions of the students when they receive them makes grams my favorite part of being a part of the student council team”.

PA intends to continue these exciting activities and maybe make new additions.  For years to come, the Student Council is working on offering singing grams as another option for our Valentine-grams.  Let your student council representative know of more ways you’d like to share the love on Valentine’s day!