4 freshman and eighth grade players smile before their game. (Photo courtesy of Claire Roden)

“It’s like a family,” says first and second baseman Monica Rampetsreiter ’20 of this year’s Lady Lions’ softball team. “We’re all very close and encouraging and everybody helps everybody; we always support each other,” she continued.  These 25 girls are taking in more than just fundamentals of the game.

Captains Peyton Pietrini ’20 and Brigid Burns ’20  are each reading books about business that they then apply to softball.  Pietrini’s book, The Culture Solution, explores how each individual in a community has a role to play in improving the culture. Pietrini remarked, “This applies to softball because the book shows that each person on the team has to perform their role for the team to succeed. Though we have distinct roles, we have to come together as one for the team to work well.”

Burns’ book, Dare to Serve, discusses leadership techniques; she notes, “The book shows that the best leaders put their team members in the spotlight.”  Burns pointed out, “Leaders need to make people want to be there, which I’m am hoping to do through captains’ practice and other fun team activities.”

Captain Brigid Burns runs to catch a ball. (Photo courtesy of Claire Roden)

Waking up between 6:00-6:30 AM for morning captains’ practice Monday through Thursday in addition to afternoon practice five days continues to help the team not only improve their skills, but grow closer together.  Under the leadership of coach Horstman and the critical eye of captains, they drill, scrimmage, and condition in preparation for on-field success.  The hard work paid off in a recent triumph, Monday April 29th against Breck Lady Mustangs; Providence won handily, scoring 10 more runs than Breck in five innings, ending the game early.

However, the softball team at PA is about more than just about the game, it’s about life as well. Coach Horstman teaches his players that listening is the most important thing you can do in life, and the key to success is the right mindset. Rampetsreiter says, “My favorite lesson he teaches us is ‘specifics lead to terrifics’. It reminds me that taking the time to focus on the little things will help me both in softball and in life.”