Providence Academy varsity volleyball has been on a six game winning streak and is looking to add more victories to the count. On Wednesday, September 20th the PA Volleyball Team faced Minnehaha Academy during Homecoming week. Minnehaha is one of the biggest competitors that the Lady Lions have encountered this season. Last year, the PA varsity girls fell to Minnehaha costing them their conference win. Eager to face them this season, the team decided to make it one of their season goals to defeat Minnehaha. Being focused on that task at hand, PA wanted to keep their heads in the game. 

“Minnehaha Academy has always been our biggest rival,” said Mary Smyth, ’24.  

PA girls varsity volleyball warming up before the big game. PAW Photo Credit: Gabby Hankel.

PA has three different teams that make up the volleyball program. Varsity, Junior Varsity, and C-team. In a hard fought match, C-team fell to Minnehaha’s C-team 1-3. Later that night, the PA JV team breezed through the match, beating Minnehaha 3-1. When it came to the varsity match, PA and Minnehaha were neck and neck fighting for the big win. The JV and C team filled up the stands, cheering and supporting them in what they hoped to be a victory. They represented school spirit as they encouraged their teammates. 

Varsity Captain Mckenna Schaefer, ‘25, commented,“I hoped that we could keep our cool and not get frustrated. I noticed when we lose a point we start to get down on ourselves, but you have to win 3 out of 5 sets which we definitely can do.” 

The varsity team talks strategy before the game starts. PAW Photo Credit: Tierney Dennison.

The varsity team ended up winning the first two sets by a narrow window. By the third set, PA got the feel of the match and took the set with ease. The Lady Lions shut out Minnehaha’s varsity team as they conquered them in three straight sets. The girls beamed with school pride as they shut out Minnehaha, adding to the excitement during Homecoming week.