With its rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and engaging theater, Providence Academy is undoubtedly a college preparatory school.  However, in addition to these academic demands extra curricular opportunities, many students still seek work experience in preparation for the future.

Sam Fritz ’20 gives a thumbs up to work in her work uniform.

By getting a job in high school, students get a head start on joining the workforce. The hope is to acquire new and unique skills through various jobs that can be applied to future occupations and responsibilities.

Many members of the Girls’ Basketball team choose to be involved with sports while many have a job in the off-season.

Fitting wide ranging talents and numerous interests into limited time outside of school can be remarkably challenging, even force many high schoolers to choose between  playing sports or getting a job.  Charlie Rossman ’20 expressed that he enjoys having a job, but wisely warns fellow students not to take on too much at once.

Clerking at grocery stores is quite common for high school student due to the flexible hours.

He comments, “finding time to do homework on school nights is the most difficult challenge”. However, Rossman encourages those with the time and self-discipline to get their work done to consider getting a job.   Katie Leines ‘21 appreciates many of the benefits of employment, explaining, “working provides strength, perseverance, and most of all, work ethic that I can use past high school”. Leines works at the after school program at PA, Kidventures, adding that working with kids brings a simple joy to her life.

Colleen Newman 20’ articulated similar sentiments when she reflected on her work at an after school care program. She stated, “I could have a terrible day but when I get to work and a kid comes up to me and hands me a picture they colored for me it makes my day no matter what”.

From the practical work experience to the priceless joy part time employment can bring, if you are able to manage your time properly, a simple job after school can provide an almost unlimited amount of benefits for a high school student.