Written by: Amelia Madden and Annabelle Whitaker

It’s FUNally that time of year where Providence Academy lower schoolers gather to celebrate the annual Fall Fun Fair.  It is a place where lower school students celebrate the season of autumn and what it means to Providence families. Parents of the Providence Academy Parents Association (PAPA) and upper schoolers worked together to make this event possible, under the direction of the co-chair of the event, PA parent, Lauren O’Neill. The fair is spread across the three gyms and the Great Room which is filled with games, candy, and crafts. The Fall Fun Fair is a great way to bring PA families and students together.

Smiles from Zahara Mainga, ‘32, and her younger sister. PAW Photo Credit: Annabelle Whitaker

The many activities of the Fall Fun Fair bring excitement to kids of all ages and all interests. Some stations were sports themed including the Putt-Putt station and the Ring Toss. Other stations that were widely anticipated were the Crazy Hair and face paint stations. Kids had many options to choose from for their face paint, but butterflies and footballs were the favorites of the day. The craft table was a new addition this year where kids decorated pumpkins with stickers, glitter, and paints. It is safe to say it will definitely be returning in the future.

Carly Bixby, ‘24, ran the inflatable obstacle course which is enjoyed by kids of all ages each year. She expressed her love of volunteering at the fair saying, “The Fall Fun Fair is a great opportunity to connect with the Lower School because we typically don’t do many activities with them.” 

The Cake Walk, always a favorite, was a big hit with the lower schoolers. It’s similar to musical chairs, but the prize is an entire cake.

“I’m so excited I won the cake! Me and my sister really wanted to win and we finally got the cake,” exclaimed Wynn Anderson, ‘33. 

While lower school students ran from station to station, arms full of prizes and deciding where to go next, parents took an opportunity to volunteer at specific stations. 

The Fall Fun Fair would not be complete without the amazing parent and student volunteers who helped plan and execute PAPA’s vision. This year, it took 10 volunteers from the committee, 40 parents, and 50 members of the middle and upper school to set up and run the fair.

O’Neill commented on the unity this event brings saying, “The Fall Fun Fair is an amazing event for lower schoolers and really pulls them together. It’s very welcoming for families and we love to see upper school and middle school students come back and volunteer their time.”

William Lee, ‘31, has fun playing Putt-Putt Golf. PAW Photo Credit: Annabelle Whitaker

Trey Albertinti, ‘24, has been going to the fair each year since kindergarten. Even as a high school student, Trey looks forward to this annual tradition. “I love the Fall Fun Fair because I did it when I was younger and it’s so fun to see how it’s changed,” he remarks.  

The Fall Fun Fair is a cherished event here at PA, celebrated from grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. This beloved event is something the PA community looks forward to each and every year. Providence’s tradition has brought families and friends together every year and will continue to do so.