Self discovery. These two words play such a big role in our experience as human beings. With college decisions to be made and essays to be written in particular, senior year is one of the more pertinent times to be asking these questions as to better shape one’s future. However, when tasked with pursuing these abstract, complicated questions alone, it can seem daunting, even unattainable.

Luckily, Providence Academy college counseling has found a way to alleviate any stress that may come with the adventure of self discovery by introducing a brand new personality software to the college curriculum; Zoë.

College counselor Mr. Estrada commented on Providence’s decision to integrate Zoë into college counseling curriculum. “Making the right choice in life, especially in college, is a very risky thing that people don’t want to make the wrong choice in. Zoë helps to alleviate some of this anxiety by making strengths and aptitudes more apparent to the students.”

Zoë is a software developed for the purpose of discovering more about oneself through a series of interactive quizzes and elaborate descriptions. By identifying your three core values as well as your top five Clifton strengths, which boil down personality to five concrete traits, Zoë helps people find direction by suggesting paths of study as well as things to pursue in the future that play to each person’s inherent strengths.

The Values finder, one of the first steps of the Zoe process, starts the brave adventurers on their journey. (Photo Courtesy Val Fish ’21)


Curt Hinkle, one of the creators of the software, summed up Zoë’s purpose to the seniors during the informational meeting held over the summer by saying, “This interface is different from most softwares like it because instead of giving the answers, it gives more of direction towards what is to come. In that way, Zoë’s like a toolbox that can be used to get somewhere like college or beyond.”

Another value that the Zoë platform pushes for is their users to find their “northish”, or rather which direction they want to go. It doesn’t have to be a definite direction or a solid answer; instead, it gives a good beginning to one’s journey.

The senior class of 2021 was the first ever class to take Zoë as a part of the college search experience. After beginning the Zoë journey during August boot camp and working on the exercises throughout the beginning of the school year, senior students were invited to partake in some commentary regarding the program as well as some sweet treats in the ARC. They shared their positive experiences with the program.

“I think it was a very creative and introspective experience, and it provided a lot of unique insight,” Michael Collins ‘21 commented.

By incorporating Zoë into the college counseling program at Providence, students come closer to discovering their purpose in life, and  make a meaningful contribution to society.

Ella Flynn, ’22 begins her journey into self discovery by opening up her Zoe profile. (Photo courtesy of Val Fish, ’21)