Wouldn’t it be great to immerse young people in the world of Jukeboxes and Hula-Hoops, poodle skirts and saddles shoes?  But when do lower school students have the opportunity to travel back in time? The Sock Hop! Children in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth came together on Saturday, February 8 to dance, sing, and have fun. The Sock Hop is an annual community event that welcomes Providence

Limbo contest winners pose for a picture after they received a prize bag.

Academy’s parents, faculty, and Lower School students with a spirited 1950’s theme. 

The first Lower School Sock Hop was organized in 2016. Mrs. Maureen Flynn, a PA mom, and former PAPA board member who was involved with organizing the first Sock Hop recounted, “The initial inspiration for the Sock Hop actually came from a few Lower School PA dads.  They mentioned the idea to Mrs. Galgano at a Providence Gala, and she loved it.” 

The Sock Hop has blossomed into a beloved event that allows guests to have fun in a thoughtfully structured manner. The PA Great Room is decorated with balloons, color-changing lights, and cardboard cutouts that match the upbeat 1950’s theme. There is a designated space for a dance floor and a food table where guests can enjoy hot dogs, chips, and dessert treats.

Mrs. Flynn commented on her perspective of the Sock Hop, “My favorite part of the Sock Hop is watching the excitement and pure joy on the faces of the kids.  It is just a great night to be a kid…whether you really are a kid or just a kid at heart”. 

Attendees dressed up in ‘50’s costume- there were many poodle skirts and leather jackets in sight! Evan Flynn, a fifth-grader who attended the Sock Hop commented, “I’m dressed up as a Greaser from the movie Grease”.  Many students mimicked their costumes after famous characters and icons of the 1950s. 

Lower School students participate in the hula hoop contest.

Students also participated in hula hoop and limbo contests according to what grade they are in. Winners proudly carried home a souvenir prize. These activities enhanced the retro fun and referred back to playful times of the past. 

Many guests spent much of the night dancing. Mrs. Robyn Steinbrueck, a first-grade teacher who attended the Sock Hop remarked on her favorite song,  “I really like the Twist by Chubby Checker. The DJ, Mr. Wagner, throws in contemporary songs like the YMCA that the kids will know”.

Turns out a step back in time is a gift for the present.  Steinbrueck added, “The Sock Hop is good for community building, the students see each other in a different atmosphere that isn’t structured like the school day but builds comradery and school spirit”.