Where can you find a ladybug, Little Red Riding Hood, and St. Joan of Arc all in one place? Each year the Providence Academy Lower School participates in the annual festivities of Halloween and All Saints’ Day. The end of October and beginning of November allowed students of all ages to commemorate these events in a unique way inside the classroom. 

For Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first grade, students celebrated their version of a not-so-spooky Halloween by dressing up in costumes based on their grade level. Mrs. Nancy Galgano, Lower School Director, shared, “The students dress up in a way that reflects what they’ve been learning throughout the year”. For first graders, this meant dressing up as “super kids”, characters in their phonics program. Kindergarteners dressed up as nursery rhymes while Pre-K students participated in the well-loved Lady Bug Ball. 

First grade students of Mrs. Millerbernd celebrate Halloween dressed up as “super kids”.

Students in second through fourth grade took part in their festivities by celebrating All Saints’ Day. As a part of both the curriculum and day to day life of the Lower School, students honor all souls in heaven through assigned projects and engagement with classmates. 

Second graders researched a Saint of their choice and dressed up accordingly. Leading up to November 1, second grade teacher Mrs. Marcia Farniock reported, “The students have been researching for a month and are very excited to present their projects”. Second grade saints also delighted upper-schoolers and faculty when they marched around the school in their annual saint parade.

The third graders participated in what was possibly the most exciting of all festivities. Students also researched saints and constructed a project regarding their topic. On November 1, they presented their projects in the Providence Academy Chapel, dressed in costume. By engaging with their classmates in a proper setting, students were able to celebrate and honor All Saints’ Day appropriately. 

A third grade student of Mrs. Brown presents her saint project in front of classmates and parents in the Chapel. (PAW photo courtesy of Mrs. Erica Winegar)

Fourth graders took part in a respectful All Souls’ Day on a more personal level, honoring all of their loved ones who had recently passed. Each student brought in a picture of a loved one, which was then added to a poster to honor all souls.

Whether students spent this time of the year dressing up in nursery rhyme costumes or researching their favorite saints, the activities they participated in brought forth memorable moments and one of a kind celebrations inside the classroom.