Written by: Gabby Rampetsreiter

Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day is a beloved event held annually at Providence Academy. The entirety of the day is planned and managed by the Assistant Director of Development, Mrs. Jennifer Newman, who takes special care and consideration in creating a schedule and activities enjoyed by all. Newman comments, “Grandparents have a big impact on our children’s lives, so Grandparents’ Day is a great opportunity to be included in their lives in a special way.”

Francesca Kennedy, ’36, and her grandfather make memories in her classroom. PAW Photo Credit: Liam Riley.

In the Lower School, grandparents were able to partake in a classroom activity, take photos with their grandchildren, and attend a special French, Spanish, or music class.

For the Upper School, grandparents were given the opportunity to attend classes with their grandchildren such as History, Religion, Physics, Art, or Literature. In addition to this, they were given a tour of the school by their grandchildren and were able to take photos in a special photo booth. At the end of the day, a fine arts performance was put on by the orchestra, band, and chamber choir.

When asked what part of the day was their favorite, the majority of grandparents replied with the fine arts performance. Newman explains, “It is not always easy for grandparents or special persons to visit, much less to see their grandchildren perform their music, so this concert is special for them.”

Throughout the course of the day, observations were made of the relationships between student and grandparent or special person. It is evident that the students and their special adults are equally excited to see each other, and that there is a great love between them. 

Matthew Richter, ’37, crafting with his grandparents. PAW Photo Credit: Liam Riley.

Isabel Albee, ‘24, comments, “We talk with our grandparents over the phone on holidays, but I love that Grandparents’ Day gives them the opportunity to see your everyday life, favorite activities, and meet your friends that they normally wouldn’t get to see.”

This day made a great impact on the grandparents and special persons, and there were many positive aspects about Providence Academy that stood out to them. Miles Mueller’s, 24’, grandma emphasized, “It’s comforting to know our grandchildren are part of a school that sets high standards for academics as well as reinforces our Christian values.”

It is exciting to see the students take pride in their school and look forward to sharing their interests and where they spend most of their time with their grandparents or special persons. Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day will continue to be admired and appreciated for years to come, as there are always opportunities to make great memories.