Vampires aren’t the only ones who want your blood. In fact, the Memorial Blood Center will gladly take it; there are many people in dire need of blood. Just this past week, countless members of the Providence Academy community did their part, giving both their blood and their time.

The inside of the blood bus.

Providence Academy partnered with Memorial Blood Center to give students and faculty the opportunity to help those in need by donating blood. On December 5th, a Memorial Blood Center bus parked in the front lot and the blood donations started.

Those who planned to donate blood first had to sign up with Gabriella Munger ‘19 in the days leading up to the event. On December 5th, donors made their way to a table at the front of the school – manned by a volunteer from Memorial Blood Center – to sign in. Next was a thorough interview determining whether he or she was eligible. Of the interview, Hunter Kehl ‘19 remarked, “It lasted over 20 minutes, even though it was cut short because it turned out I couldn’t donate.” Once this final test was passed, a volunteer quickly escorted the donor to the “Blood Bus” outside, where blood is drawn.

Not all students were able to donate their blood, but there were still opportunities to help out. Several members of the

The Memorial Blood Center mascot – ABO Joe

National Honor Society manned the table and held doors, as well as making posters to advertise the event. NHS volunteer Harrison Vetter noted, “though I didn’t donate blood, I hung posters around the school informing faculty and students alike of the main details”. In addition, a few students, such as Jacob Halek ‘20 dressed up as the Memorial mascot. The mascot – a drop of blood – was used to raise awareness of the blood drive at upper school lunches.

Although the PA blood drive has come to an end this year, there are still many opportunities to donate blood. The Memorial Blood Center has locations all over the Twin Cities, giving everyone the chance to donate with ease.

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